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Our renting vision

More Choice

To create better rental relationships

We’re bringing together owners, property managers and renters on a more trusting and authentic basis. Snug sets owners up for success and helps renters shine.

More Efficient

To give you back your time with more efficient renting

We're making life easier with everything on the one platform. Goodbye digital daisy chain and hello happiness. Renting shouldn’t be so hard.

More Choice

To welcome choice to the neighborhood

We live in a world of personalisation where one size does not fit all. Snug brings more choice to owners, renters and property managers.

Good renters, get Snug BondCover

BondCover rewards renters with a good rental record by returning their cash bond and replacing it with a certificate that shows we trust them. Apply for BondCover and join the movement to better renting starting with bonds.

We're creating a rental community platform

Snug is reimagining the renting experience to lower costs, improve efficiency and empower renters, owners and property managers.


State Governments hold $4 billion in renters cash bonds. There’s a better way to bond, it’s BondCover by Snug. It’s a win-win innovation that benefits renters, owners and agents. Learn more...


Helps good renters shine and agents lease properties faster. We’ve reduced the digital daisy chain of rental software to one, Snug.com. Be the best you!

When renting feels good, it’s snug.

Renters Owners & Managers
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