About iDashboard

iDashboard is real estate software you’ll love – you can use it to manage your listings, upload to real estate portals and manage your contact database with the built-in CRM features. You’ll also love their support, with a 99% average satisfaction from their users. Their features include Bulk Uploads, Listing Management, Contact Management, Lead Capturing, and Mobile Wizards. The feed contains: property details (rent, first available dates), images, description, attributes and viewing times. From listing management to contact management to marketing to reports, iDashboard is real estate software you’ll love, because it does it all. iDashboard delivers the tools you need and exceeds the requirements of a busy real estate office.

How it works & key benefits

iDashboard feeds properties to Snug in real time (every 15 minutes).

  • Save time
  • Reduce Admin
  • No double-handling of data
  • Reduce human error

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Find out how Snug’s partnership with iDashboard can help you streamline your property management processes.

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