About Console Cloud

Console Cloud believes the next generation of real estate software should do more than digitise existing checklists and filing systems. It should meaningfully reduce an agency’s manual task load, and it should also meaningfully power an agency’s growth and success. That’s what Console Cloud does—and that’s also why it’s designed a bit differently to other software.

Easily collaborate, integrate and automate your everyday tasks. Workflows in Console Cloud are designed to seamlessly trigger your everyday tasks so you can manage by exception.

How it works & key benefits

Snug’s market leading rental application solution now seamlessly connects with Console Cloud. Time-poor property managers can quickly transfer approved applicant details from Snug in to their Console Cloud. Leasing has become even easier and more efficient.

Property managers save the double handling of any data input and can more easily collaborate. The integration helps automate administrative tasks and frees up time to help property management businesses focus on growth and servicing clients.

  • Your team will save time processing applications through Snug
  • Reduce the chance of data entry errors
  • Easily onboard approved applicants into Console Cloud
  • Complete view applications
  • Privacy and security enhanced by moving away from paper applications

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