About Zango

Zango is shaking up the property listing market with a locally owned and run platform that delivers hot new listings, better value, relevant local insights and an exciting way to connect with more homes, buyers, sellers, renters and landlords.

From access to the latest rental data, to insights and resources that only locals can know, the Zango platform also delivers exciting features and services – that give potential renters more reasons to make Zango the place to find their place. Property managers can now receive inspection bookings and applications on Zango using Snug.

How it works & key benefits

Snug is integrated with Zango:

  • Your office can drive inspection bookings and rental applications directly from your website.
  • Save time & admin
  • Improve the experience for teams and tenants!

Interested to know more about Snug?

Find out how Snug’s partnership with Zango can help you streamline your property management processes.

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