About Box + Dice

Use Box+Dice to build your database of contacts, nurture your relationships and manage your appraisals; as well as conduct every step of a transaction. For agencies, Box+Dice also comes with powerful business operation features, along with their industry-leading accounting module. And for both agents and agencies, Box+Dice provides clear and actionable metrics to improve performance and monitor your business. Franchise networks benefit from advanced reporting and a clear view of their entire network to help drive market penetration.

How it works & key benefits

Snug integrates with Box + Dice:

  • Box + Dice pushes rental properties to Snug every 15-30mins
  • Box + Dice pushes open home
  • Snug can also push open home times to Box + Dice and on to the portals
  • Snug also has other data integration with Box + Dice relating to customer contacts/leads

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Find out how Snug’s partnership with Box + Dice can help you streamline your property management processes.

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