About VaultRE

VaultRE feeds property & inspection details to Snug in real time so you can save time.

Vault is developed specifically for the real estate industry, and the first of its kind to be created with a focus on providing a complete solution. Vault offers a single solution for both the sales and property management divisions.

By enabling the free flow of information between the departments within a common database (the CRM) and shared development for common functions, such as trust accounting, Vault is capable of easily recognising multiple statuses for properties and contacts and showing each to the relevant teams. A property can be a rental and a sales listing, and a contact can be a buyer, seller, tenant, and landlord simultaneously.

How it works & key benefits
Snug integrates with VaultRE:
  • VaultRE pushes rental properties to Snug every 15-30mins
  • VaultRE pushes open home
  • Snug can also push open home times to VaultRE and on to the portals
  • Snug also has other data integration with VaultRE relating to customer contacts/leads

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Find out how Snug’s partnership with VaultRE can help you streamline your property management processes.

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