About MRI Property Tree

Property Tree is one of the leading cloud property management and trust accounting software for real estate agencies in Australia and New Zealand, with over 6000 real estate offices using their software.

Property Tree incorporates several innovative features that help agencies manage their properties more efficiently. The platform assists with communications, maintenance, trust accounting, inspections, and customer satisfaction with their owner & tenant portal. Property Tree delivers streamlined operations & communications with powerful automation and flexible solutions for an evolving market.

How it works & key benefits
Snug synchronises property details from Propery Tree and enables the onboarding of approved applicants from Snug into Property Tree. The key benefits to an office using the integration are:
  • Your team will save time creating new tenancies from approved applicants via Snug
  • Reduced manual tasks and administration
  • Reduce the chance of data entry errors
  • Privacy and security enhanced by moving away from paper based processes

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Find out how Snug’s partnership with MRI Property Tree can help you streamline your property management processes.

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