The Ultimate Moving Guide for Renters!

Moving into a new rental home can be an exciting but daunting process, especially while during COVID. But, it doesn’t have to be!

We’ve broken down the moving guide into three key sections: preparing to leave your current home, nailing the big move and settling into your new home.

Preparing to leave your current home

Review your lease agreement thoroughly

While most property managers use standard leases, special conditions can differ, so ensure you’re across the terms and conditions. For example, the conditions may include the notice period, pets, carpet cleaning, utility transfer, or property condition requirements.

Give enough notice to your Property Manager

Vacate notice can differ depending on your lease agreement; it could be anywhere between two weeks and two months. Make sure you give notice to your property manager clearly in writing well in advance before your move out date. Don’t forget to include the date of your move and your new address. Importantly book in your outgoing inspection so you can quickly receive the return of your cash rental bond.

Know the dates

Keep note of the critical dates in your calendar, including your agreed move out date and the property inspection day. Plan your time well, so you have as much time as possible for the end-of-lease clean to ensure your bond is returned; we recommend at least three days! Also, check out our guide to renting inspections.

Make sure your affairs are in order

Lost mail can be costly, so don’t get hit with late fees on bills or impact your credit score. You can organise temporary mail forwarding through Australia Post for a month while you contact all your necessary providers to update your address. Check out this checklist of providers to contact when changing your address from The Australian Government website. Make sure also to pay off any outstanding bills, e.g. utility and service fees.

The big move

Three weeks before

The countdown begins for moving now! Make sure to book your removalists and end-of-lease cleaners (if necessary), and start packing up your belongings that you aren’t going to need in the next two weeks. Go around your rental property and inspect any potential damage, either reasonable wear and tear or that you could have accidentally caused. Try to organise any repairs well before your move-out day with an authorised trade person or through the property manager.

Two weeks before

Spend time packing up your belongings - labelling boxes is a great way to ease the unpacking process at your new home! Gather all your important documents (birth certificate, passport, financial records, prescriptions) and keep them safe in one place to prevent anything from getting lost in the move.

Moving week

Pack up your first-night essentials in a suitcase, so you have everything you need on hand in your new home. Your pack may include medication, important documents, phone/laptop and chargers, spare clothes, toothbrush, and toiletries. Try and use up any food in your fridge/freezer this week to reduce waste. Put a few dedicated days aside to cleaning if you are doing the end-of-lease clean yourself; refer to our guide for end-of-lease cleaning to ensure you get your bond back.

Moving day

After packing up the van/truck/car with all of your furniture and belongings, it’s imperative to do a thorough final check of the property. Make sure to take photos of every room and around the house - this is in case of a condition dispute later down the track. Don’t forget to turn off all the taps, turn off the power and lock all the doors before leaving! If you are using removalists or a cleaning company, make sure everyone is social distancing and following the government guidelines at that time. Check out our guide to moving during COVID to learn more.

Settling into your new home

Chat with your new property manager

Double-check that you have received all the necessary info, keys, and documents for your new home with your property manager. Complete your condition report and return it to your property manager within one week of moving in.

Set up your utility connections

When your rental application was accepted, you may have been prompted to set up your utility connection at your new home. Property managers on Snug can help you with your electricity, gas and internet connection by referring you to their trusted utility connections partner.

Personalise your new home

Making a rental feel like your own home may seem complicated, but you can make the space your own with a few easy and inexpensive touches. Please read our guide to make a rental feel like home. Try to unpack and set up within the first few weeks. You’ll avoid feeling like you’re still living amongst the boxes and settle in faster. It’s a great idea to say ‘hi’ to the neighbours.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully moved into your new home!