How to avoid going to tribunal: renters guide

How to avoid going to tribunal: renters guide. Renting a property is usually hassle free in most cases. When disputes arise they can often be quickly resolved however in some cases you may need a Tribunal hearing. In this guide you’ll learn how to avoid tribunal hearings and if you do attend a Tribunal how to prepare. What is a Tribunal and how do they work? Across Australia the residential Tenancy Tribunals are structured to resolve rental disputes through both mediation and formal hearings.

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Renters essential home security guide

Renters essential home security guide Going away for a holiday? Don’t make your home an easy target for thieves. Australia is blessed with beautiful beaches and many holiday breaks throughout the year. With a holiday long weekend often just around the corner many of us will be leaving our homes for destinations near and far. While this is a great opportunity to enjoy a break, take the time for a road trip or to visit distant relatives your property and possessions could be at risk.

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The ultimate working from home guide

Working from home is becoming popular so it’s important to choose your rental property carefully. What is working from home? Working from home has created the opportunity for a mixed use property which combines your workplace and home! Employees are now dedicating part of their private home space to work. Many employees have had to adjust quickly to this new norm with COVID restrictions and in some cases of fixed term leases, renters have been stuck working from their bedroom study desk or living room with share house mates.

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