The ultimate working from home guide

Working from home is becoming popular so it’s important to choose your rental property carefully.

What is working from home?

Working from home has created the opportunity for a mixed use property which combines your workplace and home! Employees are now dedicating part of their private home space to work.

Many employees have had to adjust quickly to this new norm with COVID restrictions and in some cases of fixed term leases, renters have been stuck working from their bedroom study desk or living room with share house mates.

Choosing your location and rental home

Working remotely may mean that people no longer need to live in or near major employment locations. This new found freedom has the ability to influence a renter’s decisions on where to live. Renters now have the opportunity to trade in location for potentially larger spaces, lower real estate costs and quieter neighbourhoods.

Moving 1-2 hours from a city location with good train access will enable commuting to your workplace when required. Regional areas are booming so check the rental rates are sustainable for your budget if your work and income situation changes.

Some neighbourhoods can be noisy during the business day. Think about disruptive noise (eg. aircraft) if you need to make work phone/video calls during work hours.

Select a property with dedicated work space so you can separate work from home life. Ideally the space is separated from the living area and bedroom so you feel fresh arriving at work each day!

Security might be an issue to consider if you have valuable work records or devices in your home. An alarm, grill or video camera might help reduce the risks.

Check the internet speed at the home address, if connectivity is important for your job. If NBN or fast internet is not available, check the delays and costs to connect the service before signing the lease.

Creating a productive environment

Even though working from home can have some major perks, people often have trouble creating the structure that an office workplace provides. To replicate a similar structure in your home you may want to incorporate strategies to keep you productive.

An efficient work space is more than just keeping your desk tidy; house styling and design can now incorporate concepts to accommodate home workstations and all of this can be achieved in your rental property. Here are our top 5 tips for creating a good home office environment:

Dedicated work space

One of the big challenges of working remotely is separating your work life and home life. If you are used to working in an office the physical separation is clear, you may want to try and recreate this experience by having a designated work area in your home. When selecting a rental opt for a property that has the space for a separate home office area, separate your workspace from your living space.

Let in the light

Natural light is important when creating a healthy work environment. Natural light not only allows you to see your work clearly but it provides mood boosting and calming benefits. Sunlight helps regulate the body’s sleep and awake schedules to ensure your brain knows its work time. Try to select a rental property with plenty of windows and natural sunlight to create a healthy home office, with sunlight also comes warmth, during colder months sunlight beaming through the windows of your home is delightfully warming.

Add some greenery

If you are missing out on your daily dose of nature, why not bring the outdoors inside! Plants will not only add a dash of colour to your space but they are known to have calming and stress reducing effects. Introducing plants in your rental home is an easy way to make it feel more like home and a positive work space.

There is a chance that even when the COVID pandemic has gone away, working from home will be here to stay. It is easy to become frustrated and unproductive when working from home, it is important now more than ever to create a space you enjoy spending time in.

Declutter your work and home space

Our environment has a big effect on the way we work. Clear desk is a clear mind. Spend a weekend decluttering and you’ll appreciate the benefits.

Reduced commute times can free up time in your work day as well as saving money on travel expenses. This may provide the potential to afford a higher rent rate and have more flexibility in location. Companies may even support their employees in building a productive home office environment and subsidising expenses of working from home utilities.

Keep connected with colleagues

Working from home can get lonely. Ensure you stay in touch with colleagues and regularly collaborate. Maybe invite colleagues to your home if appropriate for collaboration meetings.