Snug Sustainability Policy

Snug is a leader in the housing space and has the opportunity, capacity and desire to implement environmental, social and governance policies and practices to influence and inspire other housing operators to solve Australia's housing problems. Snug believes everyone benefits when rental homes that are affordable, stable, safe, healthy & inclusive.

Snug is creating a trusted housing solution that respects the environment, and is valued by the community, residents, providers, government and financiers, and accordingly Snug has developed this sustainability policy which addresses environmental, social and governance issues and objectives. This area is complex and we're stating our beliefs, our objectives and initiatives. We hope to share our progress with the community.

Protecting environment and taking action on climate change

Snug will seek to minimise it's impact on the climate by striving:
  1. for net zero carbon emissions, reducing waste and improving energy efficiency
  2. promote environmental friendly options for owners and residents such as solar, water and recycling
  3. support housing supply through brownfield, infill and readaptative development which reduces urban sprawl and mazimises green space and natural habitat.

We believe everyone deserves affordable, accessible and safe housing

Snug aims to achieve universal housing affordability and will strive to:
  1. provide information so renters can make informed decisions about which rental property best suits their needs
  2. best practice privacy & data security and transform the real estate industry practice to better protect consumers' data
  3. design out housing discrimination and promote inclusion in the housing market and
  4. support longer term occupancy, banned 'no grounds' evictions and reasonable annual rental increases.

We're focused on creating long term sustainable value for the community

Snug strives for good corporate governance through:
  1. board diversity, clear strategic goals, performance measurement, legal and regulatory compliance, transparent reporting and prudent risk management
  2. balancing stakeholder representation and economic power
  3. focus on creating long term sustainable value for the company and broader community.