Keeping Safe

Protect yourself and the rental community

Protect yourself online

Keep your password secret

Choose a strong password, never share it with anyone & change it regularly

Be alert of suspicious activity

Be alert to phishing, scams & suspicious activity

Dont click on suspicious content

Don't click on suspicious links or attachments

Stay up to date

Follow the latest scam alerts on Australian Government websites and what you can do to protect yourself.

Secure your devices

Regularly install the latest software updates and consider virus software

Inspect the property

Before making a payment, you should inspect the property and meet the property manager

How we protect data

Applications are withdrawn

We automatically remove access to your application details if you are unsuccessful. You can reuse your profile to resubmit an application.

Your Sensitive Information is hashed

Sensitive Information will be automatically hashed at 60 days and display limited eg. Driver Licence ####345, Date of Birth eg. ## May 1972

Your Sensitive Documents are deleted

Sensitive Documents will be automatically deleted at 60 days including identity and income documents will be deleted. A record of document provision (date/ time/ reference) by the renter will be displayed in the application details for consumer tribunal, dispute or insurance purposes

Our database is encrypted

Your application data is stored in Australia, encrypted and protected by firewalls.

Our support team never asks for...

The Snug support team will never ask for your login password, verifcation code, credit card, date of birth or other sensitive information, either on the phone, by email or chat.

We'll keep you updated

Snug sends you notifications about your progress through the application journey.

Account Settings & Security

Reporting & Resources

Need help? Contact Snug

If you receive any suspicious calls, emails or SMS messages, or notice unusual activity on your account, it’s important that you let us know:

Been scammed?

Contact the property manager and police.


Important Information

Important information about data security & privacy is contained in our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, renter's Personal Information Collection and Disclosure Authority.

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