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3 NOV 2022,

Snug is a rental platform launched in 2017 with a mission to make renting easier.

Snug’s online rental application solution helps renters create and manage their rental profile, submit rental applications and receive progress notifications, price reductions, or open home alerts.

Renters can optionally purchase an instant Background Check report to verify important information such as identity and affordability via bankruptcy, court debt records, visa work status and National Tenancy Database report. The Background Check report is valid for 6 months and reusable across Snug and on other platforms. A renter may request a free (twice yearly) National Tenancy Database report directly through our service provider Equifax.

A relatively small percentage (approximately 1 out of 10) renters on Snug choose to purchase a Background Check (which is heavily discounted compared to other providers). Snug is confident that offering renters the ability to purchase a detailed Background Check is legal and compliant with tenancy regulations.

The Background Check is different and more extensive than the stand alone National Tenancy Database report which is available directly from Equifax at no cost to renters.

Snug appreciates the challenges that renters face in a tight rental market and continues to strive towards improving the experience and outcomes for renters.

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About Snug

Snug ( is creating a place everyone calls home by delivering a housing as a service (HaaS) through a rental community platform that brings owners, renters, and property managers together to reimagine the renting journey, delivering lower cost and better value experiences. The outcome is a more transparent, efficient, flexible, fair and affordable rental system for all Australians. When renting feels good, it’s Snug.

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