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We analysed the last 100,000 references and found these three interesting stats.

Avg. Rating


Overall tenant rating

Would rent again


Responding yes/maybe

Renter visible


Shared with renter

How do rental references work on Snug?

It's a straightforward process in which renters initiate the reference request by entering their current or past property manager's details on Snug. The outgoing property manager chooses the reference's visibility setting and completes it with an uploaded tenant ledger.

Rental references build your agency’s reputation

By quickly completing references, agencies will build their reputation in two ways. First, you'll help renters secure their next home, and second, you'll help other agencies become more efficient. Also, not completing a reference may lead to bad reviews on social media or other channels.

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Four big enhancements to rental references

Scope and clarity of questions

Based on analysing thousands of references and consulting with numerous agencies, we've enhanced the question scope and phrasing to ensure accuracy and completion. Fast, fair and factual references benefit everyone.

Features to save you time

  • We deliver! Snug presents renters with a directory of past/active rental referees to avoid mistyping email details.
  • Post vacate questions are sent to the referee automatically at the end of their lease.
  • Automatic tenant ledger reminders are sent with the option to attach on reference submissions.

Features to protect you from fraud or misuse

Snug blocks renters/housemates own email addresses and tracks computer IP to ensure references are independently completed.

Access current and past references

Create your Agency's free Lite Account on Snug and access current and past references in your Rental Reference Inbox.

Common Questions

No, the logged-in user cannot supply their own email address or complete the reference if they requested it from the same user account.

Yes, a mobile can be supplied if an email is not available.

Applicants can choose from Renting, Living with Family/Friends, Owned Home, Boarded or Sublet.

  • Lease details - displayed to all parties.
  • About the tenant - referee chooses to share/display or hide/keep private.
  • About the occupancy - referee chooses to share/display or hide/keep private.
  • Post vacate - referee chooses to share/display or hide/keep private.

You choose your visibility settings when submitting the reference. The very large majority of tenants are good, great or amazing so completing and sharing a rental reference is great for your business reputation. After all, renters are your future property buyers.

Both parties are in control around participation, display and removal of references. Renters can remove the reference if they wish from their Snug profile simply by clicking [Remove] in the Address History section or completely delete their profile by contacting Snug.

Yes! Method 1: refereee can simply comfirm the Lease Details and click "Call to Discuss" or Method 2: you can click [Add Reference] and complete appropriate sections of the form and attach it to the application.

Yes, Snug will publish rental reference completion rates from October 2021 onwards.

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*Real estate agents and owners who have used Snug for rental references, applications or leasing software in the 12 months to 27 Feb 2024

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