Enquiry auto-responder

Save time and drive your leasing workflow with automated responses

Auto reply to enquiries

Save time responding to generic portal replies. Snug drives qualified enquiries, inspection bookings and pre-applications.

Prospect like a Pro

New listings, matching properties and rent adjustments broadcast to your active rental database automatically.

Respectful SMS

Snug uses the optimal comms channel for our messages. We don't spam tenants with SMS. Plus, there is no SMS bill surprise, it's included in the one low price.

Smart answers

Is there parking? When can I view the property? Common questions automatically answered. That's smart.

Messages inbox

Centralise your portal and direct rental enquiries for team collaboration and efficient handling: contact notes, profile preferences, send property list, send apply link and schedule a viewing.

Branding & Customisation

Showcase your brand in email and SMS communications. Select templates are customisable.


Prioritise your prospects capturing current income, rent and tenure on enquiry.


Snug requests disclosures for overseas travel, flu symptoms to keep your team safe.

Inspection bookings

Effortlessly manage open homes and private appointments

Inspect bookings

Open home inspections and private appointments can be displayed, booked or requested online. Automatically inform prospects of changes to viewing times, cancellations and when running late.

Owner reports

Send customised reports to owners after each viewing either by email or SMS.

Entry notices

Automate the delivery of entry notices to tenanted properties.

Viewings cap

Limit registrations for viewings to manage the health and safety of your team and prospects.

Ideal week

Create an availability window to guide prospects to request optimal times eg. Tues/Thursday between 9am - 11am.

Run wizard

Organise your team's inspection run effortlessly. Optimised for travel time. Start and finish faster.

Viewing slots

Organise open home inspections or private appointments in sequence eg. 10.00 AM for 20 mins (4 x 5min slots).

Private appointments

Enable private appointments to comply with COVID-19 social distancing.

Virtual inspection waiver

Applicants disclose physically inspecting the property or a virtual inspection online with a waiver to indemnify you.


Get quality applications grouped by household

Branded apply link

Use your Apply Link everywhere. SMS'd to tenants after the viewing.

Mobile friendly

We've designed Snug for tenants on the move. Faster and easier than one form. You'll get better quality applications quickly.

Smart questions

The Snug application form makes sense. Smart questions ask tenants for relevant information and ensure you don't get junk. E.g. Owned a property? Great, upload proof of ownership.

Joint households

We join applicants (on the lease) and occupants (residing) so you can compare affordability and rental reputation.

Snug Match Score

Snug's patent pending technology calculates a Snug Match Score to help you select your top prospects based on data, your owner requirements and your office policies.

Sublet apps

Enable future sublet or changeover tenants to apply from a universal apply link.

Easier for tenants

Snug is faster and easier for tenants to apply. It's that simple. We use the latest visual design, user experience, interactive chat plus email journeys to guide tenants.

Tenant Screening

Select your best tenant with confidence using data driven insights

Rental references

Detailed references are collected via secure online form, with tenant ledger. Keep private or share positive references with great tenants. Cut the telephone tag.

Employment reference

Employers confirm the organisation, role, tenure and income (before/after tax).

Identity points checker

Automatically inform prospects of changes to viewing times, cancellations and when running late.


After tax and weekly income is captured with supporting documents such as payslips and bank statements.

Private notes

Save notes on the application for collaboration with your team and archive records.

Quick request, update alert

Need more information from the applicant. Quick request with one click and get alerted when the tenant updates the information.

Tenancy database

Snug integrates with the National Tenancy Database powered by Equifax. Access detailed reports on tenancy, bankruptcy, identity, visa and court debt.

Snug Match Score

Snug's patent pending technology calculates a Snug Match Score to help you select your top prospects based on data, your owner requirements and your office policies.

Eligibility criteria

Set your rental eligibility criteria and ensure quality applications from tenants best suited for your owners and business.

Application Processing

Process applications and get tenants approved faster

Application workflow

Slash the time to process applications from newly received, owner approved and offered, with Snug's intuitive workflow.


Data driven insights such as affordability (amount of household after tax income spent on rent) and other useful insights help you choose the best tenant faster.

Lease offer

Use smart templates to conditionally accept an application, send congratulations, offer the property and request payment to your preferred method.

Approve, Decline, Withdraw

One click to shortlist/keep warm, decline, withdraw or progress a prospect.

Share with owner

Share de-identified application summary details with the owner.

Collaborate as a team

Seamlessly assign an application to another colleague to progress. Perfect when working with offshore teams.

Integration & Reports

Select your best tenant faster with confidence

Property uploader

We connect with the leading property feed uploaders so you'll have seamless content flow.

Trust account

Import contacts, automate rental ledger attachments and onboard tenants with our integrations with leading cloud property management systems.

Digital leasing

Send digital leases to your new tenants and recurring.


Set your contact database to populate your CRM for email and social marketing.

Leasing reports

Create activity and performance reports for the leasing business, teams, filtered by personnel or property. Get portfolio performance insights to share with your owners, like days on market.

Bond loans

Assist your tenants and maximise your income with automated referral of tenant details to the leading bond loan provider (coming soon).

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