Snug Community Standards and Guidelines

Fairy Floss Real Estate Facebook Community Rules

Lending a sweet hand to homey people.

By joining this community you agree to the following terms:

FairyFlossRealEstate (FFRE) is a residential accommodation property listings community and therefore posts must include the following to be eligible:

  1. Photo of bedroom
  2. Description
  3. $ rent per week
  4. Start date/availability
  5. Contact method (may include ‘PM’ or phone details etc)

Brief rules:

  1. You agree to join the community based on the terms and to help make FFRE a safe, inclusive place to list properties and have reasonable and relevant discussions
  2. No harassment, offensive or abusive language, discrimination or trolling will be tolerated.
  3. No selfies or people photos, only property related images are permitted.
  4. No commercial advertising or posting things for sale. periodic renting related content and product sponsor posts excepted.
  5. No rooming houses or overcrowding (defined as more than two people per room, and/or more than 5 bedrooms in the house).
  6. No things for sale. This is community for residential accommodation.
  7. No naming and shaming of other members. We do not resolve private disputes. Be safe online, do not provide ID or payment details online.
  8. Community moderators may modify or delete content and block members breaching terms
  9. If a community member breaks the rules, please report to moderators who may remove the post and the member.
  10. You agree to resolve disputes directly with the other party and FFRE is not party to such.
  11. Content posted does not reflect the views of us or FFRE. You take responsibility for your own content and actions, as such indemnify FFRE Admin and Moderators from such claims arising.

Snug Community Moderator Guidelines


This document covers all aspects of Snug (us) moderation and community management on our social media channels, articles and blogs (together “channels”) that we manage through volunteers, contractors or employees.

Moderation aims

We recognise that members of our community and social media users more broadly wish to comment on content, discuss or debate issues as well as post transactional messages.

Our aim is to ensure our community is safe and inclusive, with relevant and respectful engagement between users.

Community standards

We apply these general community standards across all our Channels.

  1. Stay on topic - debate is welcome but personal attacks, trolling, harassment or abuse is not tolerated of any member or moderator.
  2. Correct us but don't discredit us - we are open to constructive criticism and errors or omissions to be noted, however, we will not allow misrepresentation of us, moderators or employees.
  3. The internet is a big fast moving place - we reserve the right to remove or edit content posted for any reason without explanation to preserve the community experience. This includes post-editing or curation based on breaching rules for that channel, these community standards or lack of relevance to preserve the user experience. We may reserve the right not to enter into discussion about any actions taken.
  4. We may turn off commenting to quell discussions that get out of hand, become overheated and derail the spirit and purpose of that channel. This includes miscommunication where text is taken out of context, tone or humour goes unappreciated and misunderstood.
  5. Abide by the laws - discriminatory or illegal content will be removed.
  6. No solicitation - commercial or self promotional posts will be removed.
  7. Kindness and respect is welcome - be kind to your fellow humans. Help us make the world a better place and our community channels safe and inclusive.

Please check any additional rules that apply to a Channel and note our Privacy Policy when using

Happy renting,

Snug Team

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