Lodging a BondCover Claim

We take the hassle out of claims for owners and managers where tenants have BondCover.

Click to submit a claim: claims@snug.com

What information does Snug require?

Snug typically requires the following:

  • Valid BondCover Certificate
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Ingoing/outgoing Condition Report.
  • Rental and bond ledgers
  • Image of damage before/after
  • Invoice or quotes for repair or replacement
  • Supporting emails or record of phone communication
  • Details of any landlord insurance

For more information visit snug.com/help

How long does it take?

If you have a claim, simply submit the details online and we'll handle the rest. If the claim is valid, Snug will:

  • Settle claims up to $500 within two business days, and
  • Settle claims above $500 to the amount of the bond, within five business days.

In some cases, we may require further information and/or a Tribunal order to finalise the claim.

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