Preparing your home for summer

Australia is known for its hot summer months and that means it’s time to start preparing your home for the season of sun, heat and outdoor living. Here are our top tips for ensuring you’re ready!

Give your garden the love it deserves

Make the most of your garden! Dust off any outdoor furniture, mow the lawn, sweep the deck and water your plants. Greenery will provide cool and calm throughout the summer months and look great when entertaining so consider creating a watering schedule/routine.

Check your summer appliances

Australian summers can pack a lot of heat so ensure you’re ready by checking the condition of your appliances.

  • Air conditioning and fans - you’ll be happy to have these on hot days, so double check they are working. Consider changing your filters and cleaning your fan blades to ensure you are circulating clean air.
  • Pool - If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, pull out the pool cleaner, and ensure your safety gates are in good working condition.
  • BBQ - an essential part of an Australian summer is of course the BBQ so prepare by giving yours a deep clean and scrub. Make sure to check your gas and all fittings.

Prepare for bushfires

Unfortunately, with the heat comes the risk of bushfires so if you’re in a fire-prone location - clean your gutters, enclose any areas under your home, clear fallen leaves/debris, keep your lawns short and fit seals around your windows/doors to eliminate any gaps. Check your local fire authority recommendations and keep safe!

As well as this, check your smoke alarms and ensure your insurance is up to date to cover your home and its contents in case of a fire.

Invite summer indoors

Sparkly clean windows and summery drapes can make a big difference in the feel throughout your home in the summer months. Grab a cloth/squeegee and put some elbow grease into wiping those windows (both inside and out). Open your doors and let the breeze in! Take advantage of the fresh air on days of beautiful weather.

Declutter and clean

The change of a season is the perfect time to spend a few hours sorting through your home and decluttering any unneeded belongings. Remember, less is more so it’s time to get rid of those old books that have been laying around in the garage for years…

After decluttering, work your way through your home from top to bottom - clean your floors, surfaces, curtains, and kitchen (fridge and appliances).

Critter control

Summer is also the season of critters, but there are a number of steps you can take to keep them away. Ensuring your home is clean is a great way to start, but also consider having your home professionally sprayed and repair any gaps or cracks where they may be entering. Set out some citronella candles to keep the mosquitos at bay, and check the condition of your insect screens.. If you’re having repeated issues with pests, consider having a conversation with your property manager.

Plan your lease renewal or vacate early

Agents and landlords prefer certainty too so if your lease is up in January/February, consider having an early conversation with your property manager and avoid the new year’s rush.

Don’t let rent payments take a holiday

With bank holidays and delayed receipting of rent, consider if your rent is due over a public holiday, perhaps pay a few days early to avoid late payment records.

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