Reasons for and against renewing your lease

As the year’s end approaches, many renters with expiring fixed term leases will need to decide whether to renew their leases, continue on a periodic (ongoing/month-to-month) or give notice. This article will run through the reasons for and against renewing a fixed term lease.. 5 reasons for renewing a lease: 1. Renewing your lease can be cheaper Renewing is often much cheaper than moving elsewhere, even when similar properties are slightly cheaper.

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Renting with Pets

Finding a pet-friendly rental property in Australia can be challenging, with only 25% of all rental properties advertised as “pet friendly”. However, with Australia having one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, this statistic is starting to change.

In previous years, landlords have had almost full discretion over whether they allow pets - with the exception of guide dogs. But this won’t last for long, with many state governments pushing towards renters’ rights to rent with a pet, whilst also putting safeguards in place to protect landlords from damage and disturbances that some pets can cause.

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How to End a Lease

How to end a Lease Ending a lease is one of the most important aspects of renting. Getting it right avoids stress and cost down the track. It also sets you up for a great rental reference. Life is unpredictable and you may decide not to renew your expiring lease or to break lease. Either way, you need to let your property manager know in writing. As you navigate your way through bringing your lease to an end, there’s some important things to know so that all runs smoothly and any financial penalty is minimised as much as possible.

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Renters: How to get along well with your landlord

When you enter into a rental agreement with a landlord, you’re both making commitments, taking risks and placing trust in each other to perform under the rental agreement.

The landlord is opened up to financial risk - mainly arrears and damage, and the renter’s living conditions and stable housing are in the hands of the landlord. Both parties depend on each other. It’s important that trust and open communication are present.

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Rent Increases in Australia - what you need to know

Rent increases are a normal part of renting. Sure, they can sometimes take you by surprise, but at the end of the day, rental markets and maintenance costs change and rent often follows suit. The vast majority of the time, rent increases reflect increased demand within the rental market, but when a rent increase takes you by surprise or seems excessive, there’s a couple important things to know.

Understanding your legal rights and the laws behind rent increases can help you if you ever find yourself in an unfair situation surrounding a rent increase.

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How to negotiate home improvements in a rental property

One of the great upsides of renting is that it provides a much larger degree of freedom than owning. However, it can feel difficult to personalise your rental and make it feel like a home. Luckily, there’s plenty of ways you can personalise your space, but it’s important to understand what changes you can make and how to negotiate them with your landlord or agent.

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Renters: The benefits of renting

For many, home ownership is the goal, and the benefits of renting are glossed over in the pursuit of ownership. However, this shouldn’t be the case. In a world where we celebrate leasing rather than buying services (E.g Netflix, Spotify, etc.), why don’t we think the same of the world’s oldest subscription service - renting.

This article will go through some reasons why renting might be better than home-ownership and how to still invest in the property market without necessarily having to put up the amount that home-ownership would require.

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Renters: What to look for in a rental property

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the emotion of finding a new rental property, and forget to look over and think about basic requirements of a good rental property. Snug has developed a list of things to think about when looking at a property, so that you find a property that not only looks great, but is also practical and meets your needs. 1. Location When considering a suburb/area to look at, make sure to think through the area’s accessibility to various important places.

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Snug's Top Ten Renting Tips

Whether it’s your first time renting, or your tenth, understanding the ins and outs of the rental process can help you stand out from your competition, secure your dream rental and ensure you get your bond back at the end of the lease. This article will outline some key tips to bear in mind throughout most stages of the rental process, to make sure you get the most out of your rental property.

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Differences between a fixed term and ongoing lease agreement

Whether you’re a tenant or owner, it’s worth understanding how fixed-term and month-to-month leases differ, and what works best for you.

Ongoing leases are also called month-to-month leases or rolling leases.

Both types of leases are valid agreements for renters and property managers to enter-into. They both facilitate the tenancy but have important differences around notice, rent increases and duration.

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