Call on State Governments to hand back
$4 billion in cash rental bonds

With one third of Australians renting, it's time for State Governments to open up progressive bond solutions like BondCover: a low-cost certificate of guarantee that protects renters and owners.

Ask the State Government for better bond choices.


What would you do with your bond back?

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Over 2100 supporters with $3.8 million in cash bonds signed up calling on State Governments to unlock $4 billion of renters' cash bonds.

Why #BetterBonds?

Most renters are good renters. We analysed nearly two million rental bonds and found that the very large majority of renters either resolve bond claims quickly or have no claims at all. In fact, over 99% of rental bonds by value are without default (NSW & QLD).

Enabling options like BondCover is a simple change that can have a far-reaching impact and put billions of dollars back in the hands of Australian renters.

Last August, we wrote to decision-makers in each State to discuss the importance of this change to create ease and affordability for renters.

Instead of creating a pathway for better bonds State Governments are stalling and trying to find arguments to hang on to renter's money, in effect the old bond system is a tax on renters. State Governments are blocking access to better bond choices for good renters across the country.

It's time to call on your State Government for a better way to bond. Add your name today.

Where Does Your State Government Stand On Creating Better Bonds?

Snug received a very positive response from the Australian Capital Territory Government. Regulatory amendments enabling BondCover were expected in Dec but are now running months late.
New South Wales and South Australia are yet to respond on BondCover since Snug wrote in mid 2017. Victoria and Western Australia argue that the BondCover Fee is also a bond which should be lodged with the bond board. We need an administrative exemption to make this feasible for Renters.
In Queensland and Tasmania, BondCover needs regulatory change to be permitted.

What Snug Stands For

We believe in options for long-term tenure that creates certainty and stability. Snug promotes longer leases that benefit renters and owners.

Renters should be able to make reasonable changes to make their house a home. Snug supports a balance towards tenant-led, owner-approved modifications and timely repairs.

Good renters deserve flexible bond choices. Snug has launched BondCover to put cash rental bonds back in the hands of renters, in exchange for a certificate of guarantee that protects tenants and owners.

Our renting system should put people first. Snug supports the prohibition of rent bidding, and has introduced Snug Match to help tenants shine and owners find the best tenant.

The renting process should be efficient, modern and secure. We're developing an online rental community that brings every stage of renting to one place and protects your privacy.

Snug is using technology to build smart solutions to the challenges facing renters, owners and property managers. Why, because ⅓ of Australia rents.

About Better Bonds Campaign

Renting should be simple and flexible for everyone. At Snug, we believe renters deserve the choice of whether to pay bond upfront, or access options like BondCover that free up their funds for the things that matter most.

Right now, State Governments are sitting on $4 billion in rental bonds that could be back in the hands of renters. Good renters should be rewarded with a better way to bond and most renters do the right thing - with small or no claims during their tenancy.

Snug’s BondCover is a low-cost certificate of guarantee for the owner that you’re good for claims up to the bond amount, but without the upfront payment. Making options like this accessible is an important step towards financial flexibility for all renters.

Now is the time to add your voice and call on more States to make a positive change for renters.

About Snug

At Snug, our mission is to make renting easier.

We believe it’s time to reimagine the renting experience. It’s time to lower costs and make the most of technology to empower renters, owners and property managers.

We’re a startup business that’s socially minded. We create innovative solutions to the renting challenges Australians face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enabling options like BondCover gives renters more financial freedom and choice. Instead of paying a large bond sum upfront, you can choose to keep that money in your bank account, pay off HECS debt, or go on a holiday! If there is a bond claim you know that you’ll get a fair outcome from Snug.

BondCover swaps your traditional cash bond with a certificate of guarantee. It allows you to unlock your cash bond, using a small fee as a substitute, with approval from the property manager or owner.

BondCover ensures valid claims up to the bond amount are paid to owners. It means fast and fair assessment which helps owners repair or remedy loss such as arrears or damage. BondCover helps owners avoid the stress and inconvenience of bond claims.

Click here to get a BondCover quote and apply online.

No; Snug’s BondCover is neither insurance nor a loan. If a claim arises, BondCover is a guarantee for the owner that Snug will pay the bond claim if you don’t pay it on time. You’ll still have to pay the full amount owed to Snug after the claim is paid.

BondCover maintains the rights or obligations as an owner, property manager or renter.

BondCover is designed to swap old fashioned cash bonds for a certificate of guarantee for valid bond claims up to the amount of the bond.

Property owners should also hold traditional Landlord's insurance for additional protection beyond the the risks related to bonds.

Yes, in all states where it’s offered. Snug has worked with expert lawyers and specialist rental agents to design and develop BondCover. We’ve also consulted with real estate and tenancy groups to ensure Snug BondCover meets their requirements. We’d like government support to enable better bonds through adoption of BondCover.

As you would usually; there’s no change to the existing process. Your property manager or owner will approach you first regarding the claim, you can choose to settle direct, if not then the owner will claim from Snug. For amounts over $500, if you’re not happy with the claim assessment you can settle via the rental tribunal. If you don’t pay the tribunal decision amount, we settle the claim directly with the property manager or owner and recover from the amount from you afterwards. Please read the full terms.

Snug aims to pay the amount of the order within two business days of receipt of all relevant information for a valid claim.

We want to give every Australian access to BondCover when they need it most. Snug will offer a substantially discounted BondCover certificate to renters facing financial hardship or are victims of domestic violence. We’ll provide more information about our policy and partners soon.

Snug’s campaign asks State Governments to recognise options like BondCover as alternatives to traditional cash bonds.

Show our governments there’s a better way to bond: add your signature to our petition today.

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